Curds and Whey

I am going to develop a unit of measurement for procrastination. The formula will be based on the number of tea-cups left around one’s house. It will look something like this:

W /A / C = P

Where W = Waste (the amount [in milliliters] of tea remaining in the cup).

A = Average Age of Waste (in minutes).

C = Cups.

P = Procrastination.

Right now, my Procrastination factor is 1.1P

11W / 10A / 1C  = 1.1

An excellent score.

But then, I just did the dishes in order to avoid doing something more productive.


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The Sniper The Sniper tries to keep her (shit) ‘their’ identity secret, but basically anyone who reads this knows who she is. Anyway. The facade is fun. The Sniper is a militant agnostic, fervent supporter of gay rights, and out-and-proud NERD. She kinda likes Jesus. She kinda likes Buddha. She kinda likes Harry Potter, for much the same reasons. The Sniper works in the creative industries. That’s why she has all these whacky progressive ideas. What a fruit loop, hey? She has some stuff to say. This is where she says it. You can contact the sniper at

One thought on “Curds and Whey

  1. Mum says:

    Attention all fellow visitors to this blog. You should note the time and date of this entry as it represents a moment in history unlikely to be repeated. The above-mentioned computation is indeed an anomaly. Blog critics in the future will spend countless hours speculating as to the circumstances which led to this aberration, and may perhaps be left concluding that it was the single most significant event in the life of the author. Why? you may ask. Simply because, dear reader, the doing of dishes and the becoming of an author are mutually exclusive concepts. This moment in time represents the beginning of the authors movement away from being a legend only in PRONOUN DELETED IN THE INTEREST OF ANONYMITY own lunch box, and towards legendary status in the world beyond.

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