A kind of gay Auschwitz.

So, watch this:

Then read John Shore’s take on it, because it’s funny.

Then email the good pastor your thoughts at pastor@prbcnc.com. I did:

Hi there,

I just watched your video, the one where you propose building a kind of Auschwitz for homosexuals (did you know Hitler actually included homosexuals in his genocide? You’re in good company, my man).

1. There is an S in “against”
2. Having compassion for the dignity of all human beings including homosexuals does not make a person homosexual themselves.
3. There is no evidence whatsoever to suggest that gay people are more likely to produce gay children than straight people.
4. You didn’t mention Jesus’ position on homosexuality once in this speech. Why was that? Oh yeah. HE DIDN’T SAY ANYTHING ABOUT IT (neither did he say anything about abortion, for that matter).
5. I suggest you re-read the Gospel of John, then tender your resignation with an apology for your gross misunderstanding of the Gospels, with a confession of having repeatedly committed the sin of taking the Lord’s name in vain.

Kind regards,
Everyone On Earth With Half A Brain.

Three’s Company

Interesting blog interview by John Shore about a functional polyamorous relationship in the Bible Belt of America.

Will mull, ponder and blog my thoughts later… I’m getting a bit of a blogging back-log here, hey?


God is not the arbitrator of your bedroom.

East Africa is devastated by drought and food shortages, and torn by civil war.
The ‘Holy’ land is rocked by violence.
The earth is violated by human arrogance.

And you want to tell me God cares what you do with your bits?

Strikes me as a little ego-centric.

‘Til Death Do We Part.

On Saturday I saw three separate hens night groups on Oxford street. All the brides had a few things in common.

(1). They were all very young. Probably no older than 22 or 23. Yet (2) scantily clad, so presumably not marrying young for, you know, God or something. (3) They all had Oompa Loompa tans and (4) hideous bleached hair. (5) Not a single one of them could string a sentence together.

I sat with this vision for a while, mulling over the cultural implications of it all, when suddenly something horrifying and tragic struck me:

SOMEONE woke up one morning, looked at these girls, and thought, “You know what I’d like to spend the REST OF MY LIFE DOING? Waking up to your inane blather.”

Maybe if I got an oompa loompa tan, bleached my hair and forgot half my vocabulary, I too could have a fiancee.

Or maybe it’s just because I’m a cynical bitch.

I’ll take my singular cynicism over that any day.

This isn’t about the Royal Wedding

Ok, it is.

Just a quick one – I’m more cynical and irritated by the redundancy of people pouring so much energy into being cynical about the redundancy of the wedding than I am about the wedding. Yes, an unfathomable amount of money has been spent on this thing. Correct. Money that could be better spent on charity. Correct. So… you spent the duration of the wedding surfing the internet for underfunded African orphanages and maxing out your credit card on charities, did you?

No. I didn’t think so.

Meanwhile, that arbitrary Royal Family you find so abhorrent lend their time and name (which has a definite bankable worth in a celebrity culture) to charities as a matter of course. As well as their actual cold cash. Figure heads with no actual political power they are, correct. But the cash-value of a fairy-tale idea should not be underestimated.

(Actual post on the wedding, in which I will very likely BE one of those whinging cynics, is forthcoming).


P.s. I’m not a monarchist. But then, I’m not a republican either. It’s tricky to devote so much passion to taking a position on a person’s right (God-given or otherwise) to be, well, arbitrary.