Role Play: Where do babies parents come from?

Scene 1. The Orphanage Kindergarten Class.

Teacher: Children, I’d like to begin today’s lesson with a show of hands!

[Children squeal with glee]

Now, I want you to think about this very carefully, because this may determine your future! Who would like to spend the rest of their childhood and adolescence being passed around foster homes and orphanages?

[Resounding silence]

Anyone? No-one…? Oh… well… Who would like two loving parents, desperate to raise a child?

[Children squeal with glee]

Wonderful! Who cares if these parents are gay?

[Resounding silence]

Very well. Shall I instruct the anti-gay adoption protesters at the front gate to stop shouting about ‘what’s good for the children’ and take their prejudiced squeamishness and destroy their own children’s lives with it?

[Children squeal with glee]

Shall I invite in our guest speaker, Ms. Clover Moore?

[Children squeal with glee]

Arch Nemesis.

Scene 1.

A restaurant.

Our hero, CARNIVORE, sits at a large table of ten or so people who chat quietly, waiting for the first course of their set-menu banquet to appear . He is focussed intensely on something on the table in front of him. The light shift, revealing a bowl of salad.

CARNIVORE: Alright, Lettuce. I don’t like you and you don’t like me, but you’re the only thing here, so let’s get it on.