The right to write.

After a rather intense argument with a complete stranger about what I am and am not allowed to write (apparently comedic flashfiction/microfic is patented… my bad) I have decided to start a blog.

This blog will not, for the most part, be comprised of flash/microfic (although some may sneak in, but you mightn’t detect it, so stealth it will be). I will simply observe. From the bus. From my car. From my front window. From my seat in the theatre or the cinema.

I call it ‘Cyberlit Stand-Up’ and it will often not live up to its name. Often, it will not be anything deserving of the nomenclature ‘literature’, and whether or not it is funny is a matter of taste.

But with any luck, at some point, one of you will read my word-doodle and chuckle and say “it’s funny coz it’s TRUE!” and then, most likely, return to Facebook and forget you ever read it.

Much love,

The Culture Sniper.