This isn’t about the Royal Wedding

Ok, it is.

Just a quick one – I’m more cynical and irritated by the redundancy of people pouring so much energy into being cynical about the redundancy of the wedding than I am about the wedding. Yes, an unfathomable amount of money has been spent on this thing. Correct. Money that could be better spent on charity. Correct. So… you spent the duration of the wedding surfing the internet for underfunded African orphanages and maxing out your credit card on charities, did you?

No. I didn’t think so.

Meanwhile, that arbitrary Royal Family you find so abhorrent lend their time and name (which has a definite bankable worth in a celebrity culture) to charities as a matter of course. As well as their actual cold cash. Figure heads with no actual political power they are, correct. But the cash-value of a fairy-tale idea should not be underestimated.

(Actual post on the wedding, in which I will very likely BE one of those whinging cynics, is forthcoming).


P.s. I’m not a monarchist. But then, I’m not a republican either. It’s tricky to devote so much passion to taking a position on a person’s right (God-given or otherwise) to be, well, arbitrary.